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Sidewall Applications

Several methods are available for installing ECI II and Forest Wool cellulose insulation into the sidewall of new and existing homes. 


Wall-spray is the process of spraying FOREST WOOL cellulose insulation into the open cavity of new construction walls. Using a special nozzle, the cellulose is sprayed into all cavities. After it has been applied, the cellulose is scrubbed flat with the studs and drywall is installed. The wall spray formula is highly effective at sealing all cracks and voids, and completely filling around all pipes, wires, and electrical boxes. This special method of application can be done by your professional Forest Wool installer to provide maximum protection for your new home. Side by side blower-door tests prove that wall-spray/cellulose homes are more tightly sealed against air-infiltration and heat loss than batted/fiberglass homes. 

Energy Control cellulose can also be applied to the walls of new construction in a variety of ways known as "dense pack" and "dry pack" that use no water, but still create a superb seal and density in the wall to resist air-infiltration, heat gain, and energy loss. Pre-drilling from the outside sheathing prior to drywall installation, hanging a webbing from the inside studs, and using clear panels to pack against are just some of the ways dense packing can be achieved. Ask your ECI installer for his preferred method, based on the construction of your home. 

For existing homes, Energy Control's family of qualified and professional installers will take you through every step of the process to fill the walls of your home with the safest, most reliable, most energy efficient insulation on the market. You'll notice the difference immediately, not just in lower fuel bills, but in how quiet your home becomes as street noises and outside disturbances are minimized by Energy Control's excellent sound deadening qualities. 


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